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Let’s see how to connect to a new concept by OKP4 : The Dataverse

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Have you heard of the saying “too much information kills good information” ? If we substitute “information” with “data”, do you believe this still holds true for data today? Does an excess of data lead to the demise of good data?

According to OKP4, the problem isn’t the volume of data, but rather the improper handling and underestimation of its value. Despite the plethora of data accessible, it is frequently under-utilised, inadequately shared or worst used against your will. This is why OKP4 proposed the concept of the Dataverse.

The OKP4 project aims to solve the limited data sharing in today’s digital world, caused by issues of risk, complexity and cost.

The creation of knowledge is limited by data and OKP4 data sharing  can help businesses to make faster informed decisions, increase efficiency, and improve economic reliability.

Data has no value, what gives it value is what do you do with it”

Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

The OKP4 Dataverse is an interconnected network of all Dataspaces indexed on the OKP4 blockchain.

As a user or entity, you can create a Dataspace and :

  • Audit the data
  • Verify the governance
  • Guarantee that data has only been used for what it was shared for and not for another use.
  • Decide what entity can access their data

Once a Dataspace is created, you can create a new knowledge.

The native token $KNOW plays a crucial role in the OKP4 ecosystem, serving as a means of incentivizing participation and facilitating transactions within the network:

  • to create a Dataspace
  • to request data from a Dataspace
  • Staking of token $KNOW on Dataspaces : The more actors that stake KNOW tokens on a service, the higher its degree of truthfulness will be…

$KNOW staker will receive redistribution of token when Dataspace’ s access is requested.

OKP4 is a platform for anyone to build and join data spaces for data sharing and generate value…

The OKP4 protocol indexes and organizes resources, including identity and consent solutions, to minimize risks, costs, and maximize opportunities while maintaining data sovereignty. These Data Spaces can be nested and overlapping, together, all of these spaces make up the Dataverse, an ever-expanding universe of data and other resources referenced on the blockchain. Dataverse have been designed for optimal user experience where the Portal is the primary way to navigate into it…

Join the Dataverse and Build the Future of Data with us!

Welcome to Dataverse, where every data can be accessible. OKP4’s vision is to create a world where data is transparent, open, and accessible. We believe in the power of this project and its ability to drive innovation and positive changes. As long as you understand the purpose, the possibilities for new and exciting narratives that can be linked to this technology are endless.

Interview with the CEO of OKP4

Aviaone sat down with the CEO of OKP4 to dive into the purpose, workings, and functionalities of their innovative project.  

Learn how to create a Dataspace and join us in the Dataverse.

What was the main lead to the initiation of the OKP4 project?

OKP4 was born from observing the following fact:

Data is not shared at the level of their potential

Because it is too risky and complex, people are afraid to lose ownership and sovereignty and, above all, because there is a lack of interest.

So, the project OKP4 decided to create a new concept where individuals or entities can share their data without exchanging them and where knowledge’s economy is created around it.

In this innovative ecosystem, an entity can share knowledge with another and, with their already acquired knowledge, will create a new one and so on…

Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

What technology do you need to reach your goals?

OKP4 choose to implement blockchain technology for its following key features:

Can Provide a decentralized infrastructure where the need for trust is minimized
Tokenomics is a tremendous tool to align interests between peers

This made blockchain the ideal solution for OKP4’s objectives.

OKP4 is on the Incentivized Testnet Phase III, and it looks like you are a new actor in the ecosystem, but you have been here since 2018. Can you provide a short story about the journey of OKP4 between 2018 and today?

In 2018, OKP4 operated the first data-sharing system in the agriculture sector through several projects in a centralized way. It was a means to test governance tools and models.

2020 – 2021: OKP4 adopted the Cosmos ecosystem to build its project.

2022: Devnet and Testnet

2023: OKP4 will lauch the Mainnet

Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

What makes OKP4 ‘s data-sharing protocol promising?

Current data sharing:

Only through data exchange from one to the other. Once data is exchanged, ownership is lost…

OKP4 data sharing:

To share data on OKP4, you create a Dataspace.

The Dataspace offers data processing services.

The entity that brings data to a Dataspace can:

  • Create their own rules and verify the governance through Data Space
  • Guarantee that their data has only been used for what was shared and not for another use.
  • Decide if other entities can access its data or not
Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

How do you create a #Dataspace?

  • 1/ Connect your wallet KEPLR to the portal application (soon available) and create a new Dataspace.

You can freely define and choose all governance rules:

  • Who can connect to this Dataspace and How
  • Edit the context, description, data type, license, geographic location, moderators, access and more. That will create the governance of the #Dataspace.

To secure the Dataspace on the blockchain, a transaction using the OKP4 native Token called $KNOW must be executed.

  • 2/ Once a Dataspace is created, you can create a new knowledge
  • 3/ Select several datasets and choose services that will be applied to the datasets.

A new Dataspace can be created from an existing one (the same governance rules need to be applied), new knowledge can be made, and so on…

Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

Who is hosting the Dataset included in the Dataspace?

Data sets can be hosted by:

  1. Self-hosting
  2. Decentralized hosting, such as Akash
  3. Centralized hosting
Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

How does the #Dataspace reach the data?

The service will access the data’s location through an API key.

Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

How is the Token $KNOW used in the #Dataspace?

The entity that created the Dataspace can make the following rules:

  • Free to access OR
  • A fee in Token $KNOW will be applied to access to it

The more the Dataspace is requested, the more tokens it generates.

Also, Curation Services are available:

An entity can evaluate a service or a data set and stake $KNOW tokens on that resource, which acts as a certification stamp for this service. This is a form of solution to inform the degree of truthfulness of the created Dataspace.

The more actors that stake $KNOW tokens on a service, the higher its degree of truthfulness will be…

$KNOW stacker on a service will receive redistribution of the Token when Dataspace’s access is requested.

Emmanuel ALDEGUER, CEO of OKP4

Our thoughts on OKP4

OKP4 vision is to create a world where data has real value.

We believe in the power of this project and its ability to drive innovation and positive changes. If you understand the purpose, the possibilities for new and exciting narratives that can be linked to this technology are endless. Join us on our journey to build a better future with better use of data

Latest news and updates about OKP4.

Phase III of OKP4 Testnet

Excited for Phase III of OKP4 Testnet! This time we’ll focus more about governance and gain a deeper understanding of what it means for the OKP4 Project.

Join Aviaone in exploring the importance of governance in OKP4.

In OKP4 blockchain, the power of decision-making lies with the community, not with a single central authority. 

The project has established a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to oversee changes in the blockchain.

Holders of staked $KNOW tokens and Validators are eligible to cast their vote on governance proposals that could alter the protocol’s parameters. 

Delegators can opt to follow the vote of their delegated validator or cast their vote independently.

What happens if a single entity has control over a large number of nodes and is able to manipulate the voting process to gain control of the entire protocol?

This is called a Sybil attack!

In a Sybil attack, an individual or entity creates numerous false identities or nodes to gain an unfair advantage in a protocol by having an disproportionate influence in voting decisions.

This can allow the attacker to vote against honest nodes and block other users, and in large-scale attacks where the attacker has control of the majority of the network’s computing power, they can even change the order of transactions or reverse them.

The OKP4 blockchain project uses a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) mechanism to protect against Sybil attacks.

The defense against these attacks is achieved through the use of staking requirements, where votes are weighted based on the amount of staked token that is locked to a node and not on the amount of voting nodes.

This makes attacking the network significantly more expensive, as the attacker would need to acquire a vast amount of tokens to stake.

The rise in demand for the tokens would cause their price to increase, making each token even more costly to purchase.

Results of Phase I and II revealed

Aviaone is honored to be ranked in the Top 10 💪

Check it out here

Get ready to $KNOW, 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for OKP4 mainnet. Stay tuned!