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Gravity Bridge is a decentralized Bridge.

Gravity Bridge : ETH <- Bridge -> Cosmos ecosystem

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More about Gravity

You can read this excellent article, everything is there, it will be too difficult to write a better article about Gravity Bridge !

Gravity Bridge

Neutrality here implies that the entire focus of the Gravity community is on providing the most effective and secure bridge possible, instead of on a DeFi application on the local chain. This neutrality aggregates volume from a number of blockchains and sources, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. All control over the bridge is handled entirely by the Gravity Bridge validator set.

Best Features

  • Highly decentralized
  • All funds are directly controlled by validators

  • Secure and censor-resistant
  • Advanced slashing ensures that validators cannot sign or submit bridge messages not agreed upon by consensus

  • Built for Cosmos
  • Purpose built for the Cosmos ecosystem as a neutral platform with permisionless front ends

  • Gas Efficient
  • Rollup-style batch transactions reduce individual users’ gas costs by up to 96%

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Robust relaying reward systems combined with reduced gas costs create extremely fast and reliable transfers with a decentralized, self-funded, relayer community

Gravity Blockchain explorer Mintscan

Gravity Blockchain explorer Mintscan : our Validator statement