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Empower : The most beautiful use case using Blockchain Technology?

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Plastic waste has become a major issue!

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To solve the plastic waste problem!

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Circular Economy!

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Transforming plastic waste into valuable assets!

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To incentivise cleaning and save the environnement!

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Carbon credits....and NOW PLASTIC CREDITS by Empower!

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EMPOWER builds the first global deposit platform for plastic waste!

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Giving plastic waste A VALUE !

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Finding solutions that works globally!


Energy Sector - Recycling

In our society, plastic has become a serious problem. For plastic bottle, there is a solution that has been implemented in several countries in northern Europe, such as Sweden, for over three decades. This solution is known as the PANT system. Essentially, when a consumer purchases a plastic bottle of their favorite drink, they pay an additional fee. The purpose of this fee is that when the bottle is empty, the consumer can receive their money back by bringing it to a designated machine, which can be found in many supermarkets. This has become a common practice among Swedish consumers, who accumulate empty bottles at home and bring them to the machines to receive a monetary refund. Due to the value that these bottles now hold, it is uncommon to see them littering the ground in Sweden. This incentivized process has been successful in Sweden and has even started to be implemented in other countries in Europe.

Empower will bring this concept to the next level!

Now Imagine...

Consider a system that not only addresses the issue of plastic bottles but also tackles all types of plastic waste. Imagine how Empower could become a leader in the ecological movement for the environment by implementing such a system. What if blockchain technology could be used to optimize the management and logistics of plastic waste and recycling?
By using blockchain, Empower could potentially create an efficient and transparent system that tracks the entire lifecycle of plastic waste, from production to disposal or recycling. This could help to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and encourage a circular economy that values sustainability. Additionally, Empower will create a way to incentivizes individuals and businesses to participate in sustainable practices, such as properly disposing of plastic waste. The potential benefits of such a system are numerous, and it could position Empower as a leader in the movement towards a more sustainable future.

A solution : Incentivise the waste collecting

The question of how to incentivize people to take care of plastic garbage is a critical one. One possible solution is to create a system in which a piece of plastic on the ground could hold value for anyone who picks it up. This is precisely the mission of Empower: Find innovative ways to encourage individuals and businesses to dispose of plastic waste, with the finality creating a more sustainable future. By implementing a system that rewards individuals for participating in sustainable practices, Empower could help to shift societal attitudes towards plastic waste and promote responsible environmental actions. This would not only benefit the environment but could also create economic opportunities for individuals and businesses that participate in the system. In short, Empower's mission is to make plastic waste valuable, creating a virtuous cycle in which waste is reduced, reused, and recycled, all while promoting a more sustainable future for all.

We all understand that, in the near future, recycling need to become the bedrock of our planet, giving rise to novel types of energy-based communities and institutions.

Our Perspective

Empower's mission provides a concrete example of how blockchain technology can be applied to improve real-world use cases. By using the existing infrastructure of the Empower company and integrating blockchain to enhance logistics and tracking, Empower will create an ecosystem that incentivizes individuals to collect plastic waste and rewards them accordingly. With an increasing focus on contamination and environmental issues, we can expect to see more businesses emerge with similar goals. Empower's mission is to incentivize plastic collection and create a circular economy around it, using blockchain's immutability to achieve this goal. By realizing this mission, Empower hopes to set an example for other organizations and governments to follow, ultimately leading to a more sustainable future for all. The goal of Empower is to create a comprehensive system that includes all plastic structures and incentivizes plastic recycling through the use of blockchain technology. Currently, traditional monitoring systems for plastic recycling are ineffective, but blockchain's immutable nature could be the solution. By tracking and storing data on the blockchain, it could be possible to establish a system that rewards individuals for properly disposing of plastic waste. This could involve creating a digital bank account that allows people from anywhere in the world to receive rewards in native token MPWR from Empower Blockchain for collecting plastic waste. Empower has already taken action towards this goal by conducting cleaning campaigns in over 15 countries around the world. Now, in combination with blockchain technology, Empower could make a significant impact on the global plastic waste crisis.