Orange Paper Dymension

Orange Paper is a new concept introduced by Aviaone that provides a simplified version of the whitepaper, focusing on the key points of complex blockchain-based projects. It’s concise, easy to understand, and straight to the point.

Dymension wants to restructure the internet

Blockchain and Scalability

Today, we are witnessing the emergence of a scalability approach for blockchain that is becoming increasingly competitive in the Web3 era. This shift from Web2, where everything is centralized and controlled by a group or corporation, to Web3, where everything is decentralized, has given rise to new possibilities for users. Users can now manage their own bank accounts, identities, tools, trade virtual assets, become their own artistic agency by publishing their work directly in a marketplace. As more and more use cases arise, Web2 users are upgrading themselves to better versions with greater possibilities. However, despite these advancements, scalability remains a hurdle to mass adoption of Web3. The process of executing transactions on blockchain can be time-consuming, taking several minutes to complete. Additionally, using bridges to connect between different blockchains can add complexity and problem of security to the process. Another potential issue is the redundancy of signing transactions every time a user takes an action on an app or website, which can contribute to slower overall user experiences. So ,scalability is the missing piece of the puzzle that can propel Web3 to become the next movement and make Web2 a thing from the past.

In today’s blockchain environment, there are several Layer 2 protocols such as Arbitrum, Optimism or ZkSync that are helping Ethereum to scale by allowing for more transactions per second without sacrificing security. Dymension is a revolutionary technology that aims to make blockchain scalable on the internet. One area where blockchain has not yet entered entirely due to scalability issues is the gaming industry. Games involve thousands of mini-transactions per minute from each Player, and the current state of blockchain scalability has left this area untapped.

Gaming Industry

As a game developer, you can use Dymension to create a RollApp which is connected to the Dymension Hub for security. This RollApp allows vertical scalability for low latency transactions, and doing so you can create your own community chain without worrying about liquidity, bridging, or having your own set of validators for security. This approach is different from the traditional method of deploying a decentralized app on Ethereum or deploying your own blockchain directly with Cosmos SDK or Solana.

With Dymension, you can build your own blockchain with your own tokens, but still have the security from the Dymension Hub. The RollApp is run by individual sequencers, which leads to low latency on propagating transactions while still maintaining security. The goal of Dymension is to make the world of blockchain accessible to anyone by providing easy-to-use tools to build your own blockchain with your own token.

DYM token : the fuel of the future

Dymension’s native token is DYM, and the amount of sequencing time (block producing time) that sequencers receive is determined by the number of DYM tokens they have staked. This approach incentivizes builders to stake more DYM tokens, which allows them to operate their RollApp and process more transactions. By implementing this strategic approach, the team has provided a valuable function for the DYM token. As more RollApps become live, more DYM tokens will be staked and become less available, increasing the demand for the token while decreasing the circulating supply.

Our Perspective

Dymension’s revolutionary technology has the potential to transform the blockchain landscape by making it scalable on the internet. This not only opens up new possibilities for blockchain applications, but also has enormous potential for industries that have yet to be fully explored – such as gaming. The gaming market is still largely untapped due to current blockchain scalability limitations, but Dymension’s RollApp technology could change that. By allowing game developers to create their own chains and connect them to the RollApp chain with the security of the Dymension Hub, Dymension could provide the scalability and security needed for the gaming industry to fully embrace blockchain. Additionally, the smart use of the native token DYM as an incentive for builders to stake more tokens and operate more RollApps could drive demand for DYM as more and more RollApps come online. With all of these factors in mind, it’s clear that Dymension has tremendous potential to revolutionize the blockchain landscape and enable new applications that were previously impossible.