Rivalz The INCENTIVIZED Testnet

A simplified tutorial to take part in this new decentralized peer-to-peer network for modular AI-apps focusing on trust and privacy, built on Dymension

The first steps

Join the Galxe campaign.

You can get Testnet Points by, Running Light rClients, Completing Social Challenges and Minting Data Fragmentz NFTs daily.

Minimum device requirements to run rClient: RAM 4GB, 4 Cores (2.2GHz), 50GB SSD, 1Mbps Internet.

How to setup Rivalz Intel Incentivized Testnet on Dymension.xyz

Open The Minez Dashboard and click on “Download Client”.

Select the operating system you are running MacOS, Windows or Linux.

When download is complete, open the rClient file and install.

The Control Center UI will open.

Running rClient:

Enter your EVM wallet address under “Add wallet” and click “SAVE”.

Click “STORAGE CONTROL” and allocate your desired data space SSD or HDD resources and click “APPLY”. The more space = the more rewards. If you wish to change, click again and pick a different value.

Click the Run “▶” button to start running your rClient.

Validating the rClient:

2 Options

Click “VALIDATE NODE” on the top right.

Or from the Minez dashboard, click on the setting option, bottom right of your node. In the new screen, click on “RE-VALIDATE NODES”.

24 hours might be needed to validate your rClient….

How to increase points using Social Farming

On the Minez dashboard, click on “SOCIAL POINTS” then:

  • Connect your X/twitter and Discord accounts.
  • Share your referral link with others.
  • Interact with Rivalz threads.
  • Submit your contents to gain GoldPass.

The more you interact, the better the points/rewards.

How to use Data Fragmentz

Claim $RIZ, testnet tokens every 24 hours and use them as gas to mint NFTs = Data Fragmentz.

Fragmentz mints per day:

  • If you have Twitter connected, you can mint 10 Fragmentz every 12 hours.
  • If you have at least one rClient validated, you can mint 10 Fragmentz every 12 hours.
  • If you have both Twitter connected and at least one rClient validated, you can mint 20 Fragmentz every 24 hours.

Each Data Fragmentz rarity unlocks a certain % discount on the public Validator zNode sale.

Hyper NFT

How to get the GoldPass

GoldPasses give exclusive access to purchase nodes at Tier 3 prices. These GoldPasses can be obtained through engaging with the Rivalz testnet, activities, or giveaways from partnered projects and KOLs.

On the Socials page, submit your articles/threads.

Click on the Data Fragmentz page to check your allocation.

Good luck taking part in Rivalz Incentivized Testnet on Dymension.xyz and make sure you visit us

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