Rivalz Network DePIN RollApp

Rivalz.ai is the first DePIN RollApp powered by Dymension with Celestia.org technology underneath and Eigen DA has arrived.

Be Early ⌘ Dymension Community ⌘ πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  • Take part in this new Rollapp project and be early by completing the Galxe quest
  • Go to Rivalz.ai home page and scrolldown until the end to join the Whitelist/early access by entering your email address.

Testnet is around the corner…..more to come.

The Nodes

The Rivalz Network AI DePIN Layer consists of rNodes and Validator zNodes.

  • Validator zNodes are used to track the inflows and outflows of Data from the DePIN Layer, as well as track and flag malicious rNode actors. Users are required to purchase licence keys to run zNodes. zNode licences will be distributed in an upcoming Node Sale, with special access given to Dymension stakers.
  • Hosting an rNode requires users to contribute data storage space from their devices. Users will be able to upgrade an rNode with $RIZ and add computational resources to the ecosystem, which in turn will offer higher benefits. rNodes do not require a licence key and are available for anyone to run and participate in the network.

Rivalz Network in a nutshell

Rivalz β€” Infrastructure of an AI Data Provenance layer and an AI-app modular ecosystem.

RX β€” Platform enabling users to β€œlicence themselves to the world of AI” in the form of AI Personas, which could be expanded toward AI NPCs, AI Companions and AI Agents.

RECO β€” serves as a collective of partners collaborating on various topics related to the use of Rivalz Network, initially focused on DID, GameFi and SocialFi.

RNET β€” focuses on Neural Network infrastructure on top of the Rivalz RollApp and modular AI-apps and Agents.