Mande The ClaimDrop

All you clever Dymension Stakers…

HOW TO Claim the Airdrop with Mande

Mande, the Onchain Credibility Hub for Web3 – powered by and with Data Availability Layer underneath is airdropping $MAND to Dymension stakers.

Let’s look at the steps to get this airdrop with

First get your EVM Dymension address to check our eligibility

Open your Keplr wallet, click on “copy address” and type “Dymension”. select the EVM address (starting with 0x…), the 2nd one in this case.

Convert DYM Address to EVM without Kelpr

If your wallet is an DYM address, you will need to convert it to this format (EVM) 0x123456abcd
Go to and past your DYM address in the search filed + press Enter
You will get your DYM address converted to this format (EVM) 0x123456abcd

Connect to and paste the Dymension EVM address where required to check your eligibility.
A minimum of 15 $DYM needed to be staked on the Dymension chain on April 30th.

Click on “claim” after pasting the EVM address.

Check as many wallets as you wish…

If eligible, you will see the amount of tokens that will be airdropped to your wallet. This is not the final amount, as unclaimed $MAND will be redistributed to wallets that have claimed.

The ClaimDrop is open until June 10th.
The airdrop date will be announced at a further date.

A Testnet is also live at the moment to get even more $MAND.
You can check the steps with this page that we built especially for you !

Good luck Dear Dymension Community
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