Orange Paper Ki Chain


Have you ever wondered how to get exposure, as a crypto user, to new startups that are driving value in our rapidly evolving digital world? Not all technology startups have a token that you can buy to gain exposure to their potential success. So, how can you ensure you don’t miss out on these promising startups that could generate significant returns in the future?

Well, imagine if you could access this exposure simply by holding a single asset. Sounds cool, right? That’s where the XKI token from Ki Foundation comes in. The main objective of Ki Foundation is to bridge the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance. To understand their vision, we need to explore their strategy. Unlike other blockchains that focus on scalability, interoperability, or challenging Ethereum’s dominance, Ki Foundation is focused on bringing traditional financial mechanisms into the realm of DeFi. This approach combines the benefits of decentralization with the familiarity of traditional finance. By adopting this strategy, Ki Foundation allows crypto users to gain exposure to an investment strategy similar to an ETF .

Essentially, Ki Foundation invests in startups that are dedicated to developing new technologies or services with high potential returns. So, how can you tap into this investment strategy? Through an investment product known as KLUB.


KLUB provides a means for investors to participate in Ki Foundation’s investment strategy. It allows you to align your investment goals with the opportunities presented by future game-changing startups. By becoming a member of KLUB, you can access exposure to these exciting ventures and potentially benefit from their success. In summary, Ki Foundation offers a unique approach by providing exposure to new startups through the XKI token. Their strategy combines the best of decentralized finance with traditional finance mechanisms, enabling crypto users to participate in an ETF-like investment strategy. Joining KLUB allows investors to potentially capitalize on the promising new opportunities identified by Ki Foundation.

Access to KLUB requires to be invited by a member and by submitting an application form, and based on your investment capacity and financial situation, you can potentially gain entry. Being a member of KLUB comes with various benefits, including a credit card with multiple advantages, pay back programs and more. However, KLUB is exclusively available to a specific category of investors who can meet the required investment threshold. This restricted nature might lead you to wonder how you can gain exposure to Ki Chain Foundation with lower investment possibilities and greater accessibility. Fortunately, a new product called ATLAS aims to address this concern by offering participation to everyone in the crypto space. ATLAS presents a diverse range of DeFi opportunities, including exposure to the Cosmos ecosystem through Cosmos Core, access to stablecoin yields, exposure to Ethereum and Bitcoin, and the option to engage with Carbon Offset. The rewards generated by these products will be distributed 50% in XKI (Native token from Ki-Chain) and 50% in USDC. In summary, while KLUB offers exclusive access to their investment strategy, ATLAS provides a more accessible strategy for participants in the crypto space, providing a balanced investment approach.


The vision of Ki Foundation for their token is straightforward: they aim to ensure its reliability in both bull and bear markets. This involves limiting the number of tokens in circulation to a maximum of 1.2 billion XKI. By implementing this approach, Ki Foundation intends to create long-term value for their native asset. As the Ki Foundation ecosystem expands and develops, the native token, XKI, is expected to experience positive effects. Therefore, gaining exposure to the XKI token indirectly exposes you to Ki Foundation’s investment strategy. By holding XKI, you align yourself with the growth and success of the Ki Foundation ecosystem, potentially benefiting from the value appreciation of the token over time.


Limiting the circulation of tokens has the potential to enhance the value of the native Token significantly. In combination with Ki Foundation’s investment mechanism, holding this token allows you to directly participate in a strategy executed by the Ki foundation finance professionals team. It offers an opportunity to gain exposure to promising startups within the digital industry ecosystem. Moreover, the introduction of the ATLAS product, accessible to anyone in the crypto space, is expected to create a dynamic environment. Many users are likely to opt for this product in order to access a diverse range of future high-potential startups. The long-term positioning of assets can be particularly appealing with a strategic investment plan. Ki Foundation’s solid reputation, clear-cut strategy, and the prospect of gaining ETF-like exposure by holding a single asset make it an interesting proposition and an exciting challenge.