Dymension : House of RollApps

The last AMA unveils the next dimension of Blockchain Innovation

Two years ago, Dymension embarked on a revolutionary journey, aiming to add another dimension to the Interchain. By envisioning a modular Internet of rollups, Dymension sought to redefine the blockchain landscape, introducing unparalleled possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

Exponential growth

Since its mainnet launch, Dymension has experienced exponential growth, with over 1 million new addresses and a staggering 700 million IBC transfers. Every day, approximately 40,000 users engage with the platform, underscoring its increasing popularity and relevance in the blockchain community. The Dymension Hub, boasting a Total Value Locked (TVL) of 30 million equivalent US dollars, serves as a testament to this remarkable progress, with the promise of more RollApps on the horizon. Every aspect of the platform is freely accessible on Github, reflecting Dymension’s commitment to fostering collaboration and inclusivity within the blockchain ecosystem.

Simplifying user experience

Recognizing the importance of user-friendly interfaces, Dymension is dedicated to enhancing the onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring a seamless experience for newcomers. A significant step in this direction is the introduction of the cross-chain transfer protocol, enabling effortless asset transfers between different blockchain ecosystems. With plans for one-click deployments for various Layer 2 solutions, Dymension is poised to make blockchain technology more accessible than ever before.

Now, bridging USDC from Ethereum to Solana, and subsequently to Dymension, is seamless. Instantaneous transfers are enabled when moving from Solana to Dymension, thanks to Solana’s direct integration with the Dymension portal.

The birth of singularity point

The launch of the Dymension Hub chain, known as the Singularity Point, marked a historic milestone in the platform’s evolution. Serving as the genesis block, the Singularity Point symbolizes the beginning of time, the first block, and the birth of Dymension. This consensus chain allows users to stake, cast governance votes, and participate in liquidity provision, laying the foundation for future developments.
The next phase as a 2D phase, enabled the specific teams to deploy their instances. This phased approach ensures that teams can align with security standards and achieve their objectives at their own pace.

Following this, the next phase—the heart and soul of Dymension—is the 3D phase, which enables everyone to bond DYM tokens and create their own instance, their own RollApp. At its core, this phase empowers users to deploy their own chain without any custodial control. The Dymension blockchain secures the bridge to the RollApp, ensuring the safety of users’ funds. The 3D permissionless phase is expected to commence in the next 2-3 months, allowing anyone to launch a RollApp without the need for governance approval.


Dymension is currently developing several products, including dynamic sequencer bonds for the DYM token and sequencer slashing, which already offers streaming incentives. With over 1 billion in protocol-owned liquidity and approximately 330 million tokens, Dymension plans to gradually stream these assets to incentivize RollApp deployment. They’re also working on a tool to deploy and manage RollApps on local machines, like a web server or Amazon server. Additionally, they aim to have all necessary components, like relayers for cross-chain communication, ready within a couple of months. This sets the stage for the launch of the 3D upgrade, expanding the Dymension ecosystem.

During the AMA, the team introduced different RollApps built on dymension :

Mande Network

Mande Network, an innovative blockchain venture. It’s set to introduce the Proof of Credibility (PoC) protocol. This framework enhances privacy, security, and trust in DApps. Mande Network underpins each DApp participant with a dynamic credibility score. It ensures a trusted environment for digital interactions. The protocol has facilitated the creation of P2PX, an intermediary-free fiat exchange. It leverages Zero-Knowledge Proofs to combat fraud. Other projects within this ecosystem include ZeroLend, a decentralized lending platform. Sakura is a novel credibility-based dating application. Modelverse is a marketplace for decentralized AI services. All these projects are built upon the foundational PoC protocol.

To learn more about the ongoing Mande testnet, please refer to our article on the subject.

AI integration

There are two RollApps based on Artificial Intelligence : Crynux and Rivalz.

Crynux focuses on robust consensus protocols, enabling permissionless participation in the decentralized network. It ensures the sustainability of the ecosystem by identifying and penalizing malicious behaviors. You can currently host a Crynux node at home (GPU). The next step is to scale it up for iPhone and Android phones.

Rivalz is the first DePIN RollApp powered by Dymension, utilizing Celestia.org technology. It features the Rivalz Network AI DePIN Layer, comprising rNodes and Validator zNodes. To learn more, check out our article about them.

Allin Bets

Powered by ZK tech, Allin Bets redefines gaming on dymension. It champions financial inclusivity, inviting players globally. It ensures provable fairness, transparent systems, and privacy control, addressing trust and security concerns in traditional online gaming. By championing financial inclusivity and eliminating intermediaries, it invites global players to participate in various gaming experiences. With a focus on shared liquidity and provably fair systems, Allin Bets facilitates seamless game deployment and ensures fair gameplay. Its features include one-click randomness verification, fast smart contract execution, and a wide range of gaming options, from PvP challenges to prediction markets and sports betting. Allin Bets emerges as a pioneering force in the gaming industry, poised to revolutionize the landscape with its innovative approach to gaming infrastructure.

What is Dymension ? What’s its real value ?

Dymension is a blockchain’s marketplace, a decentrized one. You can come and bring your own blockchain, your application and users will be excited to try it.

Partnership with Stride

Stride is a liquid staking protocol in the Cosmos ecosystem. On dymension we have Nebula Finance who develops a rollapp and liquid staking protocol. When staking DYM tokens with Nebula, users receive on-chain nDYM equivalent to their staking position. This liquid staked DYM secures Dymension and can be used for various DeFi activities.

Dymension represents more than just a blockchain platform—it’s a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. By empowering developers and incentivizing innovation, Dymension is unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology, paving the way for a decentralized future.