How to use Bitcanna to buy CBD Oil Online

In this step-by-step guide, we will demonstrate how to purchase CBD oil from one of Bitcanna’s partner webshop platform by using the Bitcanna’s online payment solution. Through this tutorial, you will realize that a wallet serves not only as a mean of transaction on the blockchain but also as a tool for making real purchases online. You will discover that the buying process with Bitcanna is straightforward, secure, and respects your privacy.

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial on purchasing with Bitcanna! Follow these steps to make your first transaction using the Bitcanna payment solution.

  1. KEPLR Wallet

To start, you will need to have a wallet called KEPLR. If you haven’t installed the wallet yet, don’t worry. We have created a step-by-step guide to help you set it up.

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  1. Partner Webshop: Zamnesia

Zamnesia is one of the many partners of Bitcanna that accept the Bitcanna payment solution. First, create an account on the Zamnesia website to continue with your purchase. Once you have logged in, select the items you wish to buy and proceed to the checkout.

  1. Delivery Address and Transport Method

Before processing your payment, you will be asked to enter your delivery address and preferred transport method.

  1. Payment Method: Bitcanna

Select Bitcanna as your payment method.

  1. Pay Order

Read the instructions on the screen and click on “Pay Order” to proceed with the payment.

  1. Transfer Funds to Zamnesia

A pop-up will appear showing the amount of BCNA tokens that you need to send, the address where you need to send them, and a timer that indicates the amount of time you have to complete the transaction.

To send the payment, open your KEPLR wallet and select Bitcanna blockchain from the top menu.

If you can’t see Bitcanna, don’t worry. We will add it to your wallet. Simply follow these steps:

  • Click on “Assets” on the left menu.
  • Search for “BCNA token” using the search bar.

  • Click on “Deposit.”
  • A pop-up will appear, requesting your approval for adding the new blockchain to your wallet. Press “Approve.”

  • Another pop-up will appear, which you can close.

  • Open your KEPLR wallet again, and you should see the Bitcanna blockchain in the top menu. Just Select it.

Now your wallet should show you how many tokens you have. If you need more tokens, you can follow our guide to buy tokens from Binance to your KEPLR wallet.

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Alternatively, you can SWAP one of your other tokens to BCNA token in the Osmosis platform directly. Once you have completed the SWAP, ensure that you withdraw your BCNA tokens to the Bitcanna blockchain using the “Withdraw” button in the “Assets” section.

Copy the address provided by the Zamnesia website and paste it into the recipient input within your KEPLR wallet. Enter the exact amount of your purchase, and click “Send.”

Your transaction will be executed, and a new pop-up will appear, confirming that your purchase has been completed! Congratulations, you have just used BCNA tokens to buy real items from an online workshop.

Be sure to check out other Bitcanna partners to purchase an even wider range of items.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful. For more information about Bitcanna and its payment solution, read our #OrangePaper.

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