Stake your MPWR Token from Empower

Time has come to embark on staking! Empower Chain has officially launched on Mainnet, allowing you to stake your tokens and earn a yield. When it comes to maximizing your token holdings while preserving your initial investment, staking is a smart strategy to consider. Moreover, it’s important to highlight the airdrop process within the Cosmos ecosystem. As new blockchain projects join the ecosystem, they often offer airdrops to wallets that have staked tokens from another blockchain within the ecosystem. During the staking process, your tokens remain in your wallet, giving you full control, and you have the flexibility to unstake them whenever you desire. Unstaking procedures may vary depending on the blockchain used, and may involve a waiting period.

Now let’s start!

Assuming you have already installed the KEPLR wallet and have some MPWR tokens on Mainnet, simply visit the Empower main page on our Aviaone 🟢 Website and click on ‘Stake Now‘ to get started.

You will be redirected to Restake Website.

Connect your wallet KEPLR to this platform as following :

Press the button Stake :

Enter the amount of token you want to stake :

Approve staking transaction :

Now your are starting to generate a Yield, Congratulations! You’re on your way to do crypto like a pro!

To claim rewards, just click on the following button :

Please note that you have the flexibility to claim your staking rewards at any time of your choosing. However, it is essential to consider that claiming your rewards involves executing a transaction, which may incur certain transaction fees. To optimize your rewards and prevent the fees from outweighing the value of your claimed rewards, it is recommended to wait until the accumulated rewards reach a significant threshold before initiating the claim.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, we invite you to explore our orange paper. It highlights the key points and essential aspects of the project, providing valuable insights and in-depth information. Take a look and delve deeper into our project to gain a comprehensive understanding.

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