AviaOne ArtCamp One

Hello AviaOne Community!

Get ready to let your artistic talents soar in our exciting #AviaOneArtCamp! 🚀
We’re thrilled to announce an art competition celebrating AviaOne as a professional validator in the Cosmos ecosystem. Showcase your creativity and be in with a chance to win amazing prizes!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received our first NFT collection from a dedicated supporter @KrytonArt.
The artwork is truly amazing and we are deeply grateful for the effort and creativity invested.
To show our appreciation, we are awarding this talented supporter with 25 USDC as a token of our gratitude. Thank you, @KrytonArt, for your incredible support and contribution to the AviaOne community! 🔥🔥🔥

How to Participate:

  1. Create an Art Piece: design a captivating artwork that highlights AviaOne as a Cosmos validator.
  2. Incorporate the AviaOne’s Art Camp Logo download here or with this link https://shorturl.at/dsy6f
  3. Submission post your artwork:
    A- on your X space including the following hashtags : #AviaOneArtCampOne to be randomly selected (do not forget, without this tag, you can’t be selected to this contest!)
    B- Post your artwork and tag 3 friends to announce that you are participating in this contest

Important details:

Deadline: June 30th
Prizes: 10 winners will each receive 25 USDT

Rules to follow :

Originality: your artwork must be original. No plagiarism or copying.
Incorporate AviaOne: ensure that the AviaOne logo is clearly visible in your art.
No Offensive Content: the artwork must not be obscene, vulgar, or depict political or socially sensitive matters.

Ready to Participate?

Unleash your creativity and show us your best work! This is your chance to shine and win with AviaOne. We can’t wait to see the amazing art you create. Let’s make this contest a masterpiece!

Good luck and happy creating! 👍👍👍