ALLiN BETS Infrastructure Rollapp for on-chain gaming

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Revolutionizing On-Chain Gaming with ZK-Powered Infrastructure

In a world where technological advancements are shaping the landscape of entertainment, ALLiN BETS emerges as a pioneering force, heralding a new era of on-chain gaming. Powered by cutting-edge ZK technology, ALLiN BETS introduces a comprehensive gaming infrastructure, redefining the gaming experience on the Dymension platform.

ALLiN BETS transcends conventional boundaries, offering users an immersive array of gaming possibilities. Whether you’re keen on diving into prediction markets, challenging friends in peer-to-peer games, wagering on sports and esports, indulging in classic casino games, or exploring the vibrant NFT marketplace, ALLiN BETS caters to every gaming enthusiast’s whim.

One of the most significant challenges plaguing the gaming industry has been trust and fairness. Traditional online gaming platforms often grapple with issues of transparency and security. However, ALLiN BETS disrupts this norm by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Through transparent and tamper-proof systems, ALLiN BETS ensures provable fairness, eliminating the need for centralized authorities and mitigating fraud risks.

Privacy and security stand at the forefront of ALLiN BETS’ ethos. By empowering users with control over their funds and personal information, it minimizes the risk of data breaches and identity theft. In an era where concerns regarding online privacy are on the rise, ALLiN BETS emerges as a beacon of trust and security.

Moreover, ALLiN BETS champions financial inclusivity, democratizing access to gaming on a global scale. By eliminating intermediaries and embracing cryptocurrencies, ALLiN BETS invites players from all corners of the globe to partake in the excitement, irrespective of their location or financial standing.

But why is now the perfect time for ALLiN BETS to shine? The answer lies in the convergence of multiple trends. With a growing user base in the gambling and gaming industry, coupled with the rapid adoption of AR and VR technologies, the stage is set for exponential growth. ALLiN BETS capitalizes on this momentum, fusing advancements in gambling, gaming, AR/VR, and crypto technologies to create an unparalleled gaming experience.

Build your own GAME

Create, Develop and Deploy Gaming and Sports Betting dApps.

Unified protocol liquidity, giving builders the liberty to focus purely on the gaming experience.

Publicly-verifiable, unbiased, unpredictable, ensuring complete fairness.

Shared Liquidity: Unlock the potential of shared liquidity, granting your games access to unified protocol liquidity. Developers can focus solely on crafting captivating gaming experiences while leaving the liquidity management to the experts.

Provably Fair: Say goodbye to doubts and uncertainties with provably fair system. Utilizing drand technology, ALLiN BETS generates publicly-verifiable, unbiased, and unpredictable distributed randomness, ensuring complete fairness and transparency in every game.

Built on the robust foundation of Dymension Rollapp, ALLiN BETS offers a secure and transparent infrastructure layer for gaming, prediction markets, and sports & esports betting. Dive into the realm of GameFi and unleash your creativity, leveraging infrastructure to build a thrilling and immersive gaming universe.


  • Instant One-Click Randomness Verification: Verify randomness with ease, ensuring every game is fair and unbiased.
  • Fast, Simple, and Auto-Executable Smart Contracts: Simplify the game deployment process with automated smart contracts that execute seamlessly.
  • PvP Gaming & Lotteries: Challenge friends or test your luck in exciting lotteries.
  • High Return to Player (RTP): Maximize player engagement with high RTP rates, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Social Logins and Account Abstraction: Seamlessly integrate social logins and abstract account management, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

Sports Betting/Prediction Markets

Take your gaming experience to new heights with Prediction Markets and sports betting features. Whether you’re a sports aficionado or an eSports enthusiast, ALLiN BETS has something for everyone.

  • Better Odds: Enjoy improved odds and maximize your winnings with competitive odds.
  • Lower Fees: Say goodbye to exorbitant fees and enjoy cost-effective gaming.
  • Automated Payouts: Streamline the payout process with automated payouts, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions.
  • Global Events Oracle: Stay ahead of the game with real-time insights from the global events oracle, enhancing your predictive prowess.
  • Wide Range of Sports & Esports Events: From football to Fortnite, it covers a diverse array of sports and esports events, catering to every interest and preference.

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